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A business guide for Young Farmers
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SMART objectives

New Skill

SMART Objectives

A lot of people set themselves ‘objectives’ but if they are not SMART then they might not help you at all.  SMART objectives are:

a.    Specific e.g. ‘to be a dairy farmer’ not ‘to run my own business – any old business’
b.    Measurable e.g. ‘to be milking 100 cows’ not ‘to be milking cows – any number’
c.    Achievable e.g. don’t have an objective to be milking 2,000 cows if you are just starting out
(that can be your later objective!)
d.    Realistic e.g. is it realistic to own a farm within two years?
e.    Timely e.g. ‘I want to achieve this by xx years’

For example a SMART objective might be: ‘To be milking 100 cows on a rented farm within five years.'