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A business guide for Young Farmers
from NFYFC and Savills


Are you ready?

Make sure you are ready

So you want to run your own business?  Ask yourself WHY?  At least initially it will probably mean more stress, harder work and less income.  However, there are a lot of benefits:

  • Control your own destiny.
  • Take on risk but benefit from the rewards.
  • Do something you are passionate about.
  • Build something of your own.

Running your own business can be highly rewarding but do not underestimate the hard work involved. Ask yourself; are you ready?

New Skill


Coming up with ideas is difficult. Brainstorming is a process of making sure you do not limit your creative ideas with logic or questions. This is best done in a group setting so invite friends, family and/or advisors along.

a.    Ask yourself just one question at a time.
b.    Write that question down on a large piece of paper.
c.    Turn everything off: phones, computers, emails – NO DISTRACTIONS.
d.    Get someone else – not you – to be the ‘scribe.’ You need to focus on ideas.
e.    Write down everything that anyone says - do not question or challenge.
f.    At the end of the session (say 15-30 minutes) evaluate the ideas.